Oil & Gas Energy

Siem Offshore Contractors (SOC) is an experienced submarine cable and umbilical installation, repair and maintenance contractor serving the worldwide offshore oil and gas industry with a specific geographical focus on the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, the Middle East and India.

SOC, a German company with its head office situated in the City of Leer, was formed in 2003. Local subsidiary and representative offices have also been opened together with a local support bases in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

What we do best

The projects we perform involve complex operations: tough environmental conditions, complex logistics, stringent design criteria and third party interfaces are amongst the many challenges our project teams are confronted with.

Those challenges are dealt with under strict time constraints of the overall project as well as specific client requirements. Hereby SOC is committed to a constant improvement of the applicable industry standards and work methodologies, whereby the focus lies on a diversified and path breaking solution on new challenges.

We believe that these challenges can only be met through strong project management and close cooperation between all involved parties. Our performance during submarine cable installation projects are always based on flexibility, experience, knowledge and the commitment of our personnel preparing and performing the work.